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Made me her companion when she was feeling lonely, I was forced to go shopping with her, go on trips or errands and also do anything around the house that she couldn't or didn't want to do, I was her little man. Man this is so animalistic. I strongly suspect one of the other boys or their parents complained. You say its wrong, and that you cant explain why, yet you never doubt your assertion that it is wrong. No idea if the original poster will read this or not but wanted to offer an opinion in case they do.

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Consensual Incest

Basically, you have in some cases Dominant and recessive genes. They were probably lost in their own journey at some point. Alligatorjandro Banned. You might want to check out the research on that. That is, of course, because 'wrong' and 'immoral' are completly defined by the particular society that you are in. Trent Strong Banned. Was it abusive?

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